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Illuminatori subacquei terrestri a lunghissima autonomia

The new generation of air and/or underwater long-lasting lights is now a reality. The patented new lighting system is especially designed for digital cameras of the last generation. Its ultra-white beam (about 6000° K) produces the best light for digital video and photo shots. Thanks to its long-lasting lighting group, it isn't necessary to replace the lamp after a few hours. The new lighting system reduces energy consumption and batteries last up to 5 times longer than in traditional systems.

  electronic lights 2000 traditional system
Minihandylight L 2000 2 h 20'
Handylight L 2000 5 h 35'
L 2000 4 h 70'
L 2003 Light Panel 3 1 h 20'
L 300-2 4 h 60'


Electronic and mechanical features

operating time: 5000 - 10000 hrs

resistance to mechanical vibrations

consumption 5 times lower than in gas-filled lamps

reduced overall dimensions

maintenance free

short reaction time: a few nanoseconds

lighting efficiency:  over 25lm/Watt

operating temperature equal to ambient temperature

times are referred to full charge
never point your eyes directly to the beam


L 300-2




Model - Technical specifications

L 2000

L 2000 L 300-2


Code 494a 495a 496a 496d 496c  
Material anticorodal anodized aluminium anticorodal anodized aluminium extruded anticorodal anodized aluminium extruded anticorodal anodized aluminium Lexan and aluminium Lexan and aluminium
Front glass tempered float glass tempered float glass tempered float glass tempered float glass Lexan  
Depth rating 150 mt 150 mt 150 mt 150 mt 100 mt 100mt
Waterproof resistance O rings O rings O rings O rings O rings O rings
Bulbs white diode leds white diode leds white diode leds white diode leds white diode leds white leds diode super high power
Light Power (*) 15W 15W 25W 40W 20W - 40W high power like alogen 40 Watt
Battery pack 10 NiMh interchangeable waterproof 10 NiMh interchangeable waterproof 10 NiCD 10 NiCD 10 NiMh 10 type AA or NiMh/NiCd
discharge gas valve:           position on down side near the m8 screw attachement
Recharge time 2 hours with automatic charger 3 hours with automatic microcontrolled charger microcont. 3 hours with automatic microcont. charger 3 hours with automatic microcont. charger 3 hours with automatic microcont. charger  
Reflecting element quartz treated quartz treated quartz treated - -  
Lighting angle 40° at 1 mt 40° at 1 mt 60° at 1 mt. 40° 40°-60° at 1 mt. 80° at 1 mt.
Burn time at full charge 2h(**) 4h(*)
at full power
at full power
4h 2h at half power
1h at full power
Burn time at 50% charge 2h 2h 2h - 1h  
Burn time at 10% charge 2h 6h 6h - 1h  
Total burn time 6h approx. 12h approx. 12h - 8h Variable on battery type used
ON-OFF Electromec. switching Electromec. switching Electromec. switching Electromec.l switching 2 electromag. switching (PR/PP) Electromag. Switching
Led back - - Switch control - - Green 100%- blinhing green 50%- red 10%
Size (lxØ)
158x56 mm
210x56 mm
109x100 mm 
135x78x85 mm
Weight in air 0,650 kg  0,700 kg 1,4 kg 2,1 Kg Kg. 1,200 Kg. 1,600
Weight underwater 0,100 kg 0,150 kg about 0,600 Kg 0,8 Kg 0,150 Kg about 0,450 Kg

(*)Similar to alogen lamps
(**)Burn time can depending on type and status of the batteries

When power is low, the illuminator can be used like light signals, thanks to discharge times  slow (approximatively 10/12 hours).
The complete L2000 electronic light series can be used underwater and on surface. Even in surface, it is possible to use it in particular recording situation, like still life, with illumination diffused or concentrated by 6000k°.
All the illuminators are provided with GAS discharge valve.

Burn time may depending by battery conditions and type battery
If the illuminator will be using in air for long time, take open screw cover of the charger: PANEL 4 can be used on air, without rear cover.
PANEL 4  automatically will be switching off, when temperature will over 70°.
PANEL 4 has an automatic valve to discharge gas, gas generated by the battery.
Not damage the panel: we suggested to send us light for good maintenance any two years.