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aquariaWithout bottle, without encumbered, without diving licence and stress of decompression. Aquaria is a simply and cheap way for  dive, swimm, explorer, work underwater.

Depth: 5 metres
Born time: 1 hours
Then it has recharging the battery

The use is simple and immediate.
Aquaria is a floating container with compressor stoked by battery that it gives clear air on the surface, by means of the tube.

Aquaria is perfect for who have an boat or for who work underwater.

Maintenances and explorations are possible, easly and always.

Technical features:
1)Deep use: 5 meters
2)Lenght use: 60 minutes
3)Preparation time: 2 minutes
4)Pressure: 1,5bar
5)Battery: 12V
6)Battery capacity: 18A/h
7)Weight on air: 11kg, neutral underwater
8)Dimensions: h 30cm  diameter 50cm

The acquaria set includes :
1 unit Aquaria
1 tube  of 8 meter
1 air supplying for sub (only 2° step)
1 flag sub signal 
1 slinging
1 battery charger 12 v
1 battery charger 220 v

aquaria_1 aquaria_2